3-wavelength diode laser technology:

Discover the benefits of permanent hair removal with the diode laser 3 in 1 – the most modern, efficient and safest method on the market. Our innovative technology combines three effective laser wavelengths that target all areas of the hair root at different depths of the skin. With the combination of alexandrite, diode and yag laser, even lighter or thinner hairs that were previously difficult or impossible to remove can now be successfully treated.

Our diode laser 3 in 1 offers you a fast and almost painless treatment, without side effects and with better skin protection than conventional systems. The wavelengths of 755nm, 810nm and 1064nm are each specifically designed for different hair types and skin colors. The Alexandrite wavelength is particularly suitable for light and thin hair, the Diode Laser wavelength is a classic solution for medium hair thickness and the Yag wavelength offers a focused solution for darker skin types.

Say goodbye to annoying hair on your arms, legs or intimate area and enjoy silky smooth skin after only 6 applications. With the diode laser 3 in 1 you will achieve a holistic and permanent result of hair removal. Discover the advantages of our innovative technology and let us inspire you.

SHR Germany 3 Wellenlängen-Diodenlaser

Advantages of the 3-wavelength diode laser method

  • completely PAIN FREE
  • Start of treatment freely selectable
  • no risk of burns on tanned skin
  • Shorter treatment time
  • shorter intervals between individual treatments
  • Fewer treatments compared to other methods
  • white, gray, red and fine hair can be treated

Convince yourself and make a free trial appointment for 1 side armpit lasering

    • Upper lip €25.00
    • Chin 28,00 €
    • Armpit 38,00€
    • Bikinizone 49,00€
    • Intim & Bikini 87,00€
    • Face complete 65,00€
    • Arms complete 89,00€
    • Forearms 69,00€
    • Legs complete 129,00€
    • Thighs 89,00€
    • Lower leg 89,00€
    • Full body for only 330,00€
  • Back 99,00€
  • Chest, Belly 99,00€
  • Back, chest and abdomen 159,00€