Intensive anti-aging care with pampering massage for immediately visible effects: Your skin radiates youthfulness, appears smoother and firmer. A moment of relaxation with lasting effect. More information about Reversive Anti-Aging Care with video

  • 60 min. 109,00 €

3 wavelength diode laser lifting

New generation anti-aging face lift – comprehensive against any type of wrinkles. Optionally activating and invigorating or relaxing and pampering. More information about HSR lifting

  • 60 min. 109,00 €

BABOR SeaCreation

Luxury that gets under your skin. Treat your skin to a luxurious anti-aging expedition – with highly effective ingredients from the depths of the seas. The highly concentrated serum, applied from a Tigris shell, the exclusive cream, massaged in with warm obsidian and cool coral stones, as well as two effective masks will enchant you and ensure optimum radiance and youthfulness. More information about Babor SeaCreation with video

  • 60 min. 149,00€