Facial treatments

High Class

Experience SeaCreation – dive into an ocean of skin-rejuvenating luxury. The magical elemental forces of the deep sea energize the skin and ensure a freshly born beauty with thermoactive cell protection. In combination with the exclusive textures, your skin is awakened to silky radiant beauty.

  • Face + body approx. 120 min. 230,-€
  • Face approx. 90 min. 160,-€


You love exclusive treatments for visibly younger, firmer skin. We reduce the signs of time and stressful everyday life. The beauty highlight of the extra class: face lifting of the new generation – for youthful smoothness, resilience and elasticity. Pure effect and pleasure!

  • Intensive approx. 120 min 160,-€
  • Basic approx. 100 min. 140,-€

System maintenance

We treat your skin to exactly what it needs and pamper it with a deep cleansing and preparation mask, a highly dosed fluid, a stimulating massage and an active ingredient-intensive care mask. And all this, of course, tailored to your personal skin needs.

  • Intensive approx. 90 min 120,-€
  • Basic approx. 60 min. 90,-€

Beauty Lunch

This quick beautifier activates and revitalizes facial skin, so you can dive back into everyday life fresh and invigorated.

  • Premium approx. 60 min 85,-€
  • Basic approx. 45 min. 75,-€